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For most people, a major home addition or renovation or the building of a new house represents one of the largest purchases of their life. But, you can’t approach construction the way you would approach buying an oven or car or television. First things first: obviously we are talking about much more money! Second, it is an entirely different type of purchase. You pay for most of it before it is finished. I want to emphasize this here-unlike a product you can buy and touch or test drive, your construction project is built after you decide to purchase, not before. If it’s a custom home design, then in all likelihood, your product has never been built before. In other industries when they build a new product, they make samples, models, and prototypes that they test, debug and discard. In construction, your custom designed house is the prototype and the finished product.

If you analyze most construction nightmares you will find a common theme: the client was seduced by a low bid. If you are buying a television and you shop at different stores and you are accurately comparing the same model, size, year, features and one store has a lower price, not much should go wrong if you buy the less expensive television. However, when purchasing construction, you are never comparing apples with apples. Every builder builds differently. If you get seduced by a low bid and then have a construction nightmare you are not an innocent bystander in the story. You are spending your hard earned money on a very expensive purchase. Take it seriously. Do your homework. And hire a professional that can help you work through the process and prioritize your needs so you get the most value for your dollars.

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