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One of the key things to understand before you start a project is what type of client you are. In the construction jungle there are several different types of animals that you might identify with that might give you a better idea on how to get more control of the process.

Brown_bearBear: Bears are rugged, tough, determined and tenacious. They don’t give up no matter how many setbacks they face. Of course, there’s a fine line between tenacity and obnoxiousness. Strength and power can be misused. You might find it valuable to bring up a new idea or build on someone’s solution to help move the project along.

Chameleon_2006-01Chameleon: Chameleons know how to blend in with the environment and adapt to a situation. Many great buildings have been made because the client built on something the designer suggested creating a better solution. Watch out, though: Designers work best with clients who can prioritize their needs at the beginning of the project so they don’t get distracted later on in the process.

dogDog: Dogs are known for their loyalty and friendliness. They’re also quite persistent when they want something. Much of the success in construction comes down to the relationships you’ll develop with your trades. Be careful how you manage your time with all your trades and team members so you can let them do their work.

elephantElephant: Elephants have thick skin, great memories and strong emotions. Being thick-skinned as a client a big plus for dealing with potential adversity you may encounter. Be careful not to step on people who work on the project, though. The tradesperson working on a small part of your project can have a big impact on the overall process.

monkeyMonkey: Monkeys are intelligent and have a great sense of humor. Humor breaks down barriers. It also doesn’t hurt to come up with intelligent ideas to move your project forward. Doing your homework on the construction process can help your solutions hit home. Just be careful with your humor. What you think is funny might be distasteful or insulting to others. It’s safest to laugh at yourself to connect with people and show your human side.

So there you have it! Are there any animals in the construction jungle that you think we missed?


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