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If you read the first instalment of this post, you know that we get asked a lot of questions in our line of work from potential clients, contractors and others! Here are some of what we have put together to help you get a sense of our thoughts on what we think are the 10 most frequently asked questions about starting an architecture project [numbers 6-10!]

6. How much does a renovation/addition/new house cost?

  • It depends. There are many factors that influence the cost of your project. A few are difficulty of construction (e.g. lots of open spaces that require complicated framing), high-end finishes/fixtures, compressed time frame and changes that require rework.

7. What’s the cost per square foot?

  • Again it depends (see 1 above)

8. What does an architect do?

  • We work with clients to help them realize a successful project. What does that really mean? If a lawyer is your legal advocate, an architect is your building advocate.

9. Do you actually build the project?

  • No although there are some firms that have contractors as part of their service offering. Some clients have commented that this could lead to higher costs, as there might not be true competitive bidding for the work. But it could also generate a smoother project if the design team uses the contractors experience during the design phases to create a project that avoids complexities in construction.

10. What’s your favourite building?

  • Thanks for asking! Most architects will qualify this by saying residential or commercial? Modern or classical? [and so] I just say that it varies for me depending on what I am working on and what influences I am studying at the moment. If I had to say at the moment it would be Philip Johnson’s Glass House for promising a simpler way of living.


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So, what do you think ?