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IMG_1981 After a small hiccup last week, the contractors have poured the concrete for the foundations. They used a pumpcrete truck to get the concrete all the way back to the rear foundation wall. The contractor said it took them 5 hours to do the pour – not too bad when you consider how much concrete they placed! We were lucky that the weather was above freezing which is better to pour than in below freezing conditions. At this point, they are ready to strip the forms to expose the foundation. We will then be able to inspect the concrete to make sure there’s no air pockets or other issues that could compromise the strength of the walls. Concrete reaches its full strength after 28 days so its important to let it cure and treat it gently at least for the first few days. In our next visit, we will see how the foundation walls turned out and the contractor will have started doing some framing.


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