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As site visits go, this one was interesting. A bit more on that later but as you can see in the video, the forms for the foundation are up and the rebar has been put in that will help give strength to the foundation once the concrete is poured. There are some details in the foundation that are necessary to support what goes on throughout the main floor. Things like a sill detail cast into the foundation that will become part of the windows for the bedrooms and master ensuite. These have to be carefully constructed so that everything lines up correctly as not only the windows must fit, but also the brick modules have to work to minimize the amount of brick cutting that has to take place. With the brick, there is a detail on the rear of the house that makes a very elegant detail. The brick wraps around and forms a projection out to define the corner of the house. Because the brick comes around on 3 sides the foundation has to be wider in this location to support the brick. When we checked the foundation against our drawings, we realized that the contractor has made an error and kept the size of the foundation the same throughout. Good thing we spotted this as once the concrete is poured, this would cause a lot of headaches for not only the contractors but for the clients! We were able to sketch out a detail on site which fixed the problem so that the concrete can be poured inthe next 2 days. Really looking forward to that and then once the foundations cure, the steel beams and wood structure for the main floor can start to go in.


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