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One of the first questions we get when talking to clients about a new custom home or remodel is “How much will it cost?” This is usually quickly followed by the second question, “How long will it take?” The answer to both is -It depends. While we don’t want to be evasive, there are many variables that have to be factored in before we can adequately assess the time and cost of a project. It’s like asking a lawyer at a party, “How much do you charge to handle a case?” There is a ton of information that needs to come from the clients so that the lawyer can understand the client’s background and what they want to achieve. Then they can start to get a bit more specific with regards to how much and how long.

Things to keep in mind for construction timelines:

What is realistic: It is often difficult for homeowners to know what is realistic for each phase of the construction process.  For instance, 1 week to construct a kitchen is not realistic due to the number of services and trades involved.

Understand the timeline and the implications of what is written: Do you know what “demolition entails?” The mess? The noise? It means that there may be times that you don’t want to be living in the house if its especially disruptive.

Get a sense of what could affect the timeline: There’s a rule of thumb for construction used by contractors and designers -It will always take longer than you think.

Final details – for some reason the final details on a project often take a lot longer that you’d think. The reasons are that it is often very precise work that just takes time to get right

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