Approach / The Incite Method

In 1 hour, learn how you can achieve your architectural dream without having to become an expert in construction and permits.

The Incite Method is a reliable way to take you from initial idea through to project completion without inundating you with information you don’t need or hassles you don’t want. We follow a step-by-step system designed to give you exactly the information you need without all of the overwhelming and unnecessary details so that you can take action, and get the results you deserve.

1.           The typical struggle to realize a successful project.

Here’s some typical complaints about building the old fashioned way:

  • How do I know the builder constructing my house will not try to cut corners?
  • My greatest fear is spending lots of time and money and at the end not getting the house that I want
  • As much as I’ve tried I just can’t get my builder to listen to me

What is the difference between those successful clients that end up thrilled with their results and those that aren’t?

  •  Successful clients are focused on engaging in a partnership with their design team where they can bring their ideas and have them translated to something that exceeds their expectations. The others think they can do it all themselves.
  •  Successful clients are confident that with the right partners and process in place they will systematically achieve their goals. The others think that they can continually revisit decisions already confirmed and don’t think of the big picture.
  •  Successful clients understand that doesn’t take a lot of money to get started on their project. The others think the only way to build a great project is to spend lots of money.

Which group would you rather be in?  

2.           How to be part of the successful client group.

Hi there. Our names are Graham Bolton and Jeffrey Veffer – the co-founders of Incite Design. Between us we have lead projects or participated in over $200 million dollars of construction projects over the last 15 years. We have built relationships with specialist consultants and trades and understand their language to get the most out these relationships. In working with many clients we have learned what makes successful projects happen. There are many factors that contribute to success, which has lead us to create the Incite Method.

3.           A Different Approach

After spending much time hearing about project failures we decided to do some of our own research into what makes a successful project a reality and noticed an interesting pattern. Many of the successful clients we interviewed were doing things that we hadn’t seen anyone talk about before. Things that you might not initially think would work, but did. And they worked well. After we put all of the pieces together, those things eventually became The Incite Method and we’d love the opportunity to share it with you.

4.           Let’s Get Started Right Now

We want to help you get started right now. Contact us today for a free 1 hour consultation to find out how we can help translate your ideas into reality. Imagine yourself in a year sitting in the living room of your new house or hosting an elegant dinner for your closest friends. This is what’s possible but only if you get started now. Contact us now. Risk free

5.           This isn’t for everyone

We want to be clear about this: The Incite Method is selective. We would rather work with a small group that is committed to getting results, rather than simply pushing as many people through the door as possible. Because The Incite Method is so focused on getting results it is not the right approach for everyone. It is not for you if:

  • You would prefer to sit passively and dream about your project instead of taking action
  • You would rather re-examine decisions made at previous stages of the process rather than move forward
  • You think you can get results that surpass your expectations without offering any feedback.

The Incite Method is for you:

  • If you’re a smart person who is interested in participating in a proven process
  • If you realize that good partnerships are built upon trust
  • If you’re eager and willing to create positive momentum to move your project along


6.           Contact us now for a free 1-hour consultation.

Here’s a fact: the people who make a decision the fastest, go farther in life. Research has proven this. If you simply meander around and wait to decide, then you’ll spend your whole life waiting for that perfect moment to begin. Yes, you could always put this off until later. Yes, you could always come up with a reason to wait. Yes, you could always tell yourself “I’ll just figure this all out on my own.” But the truth is smart people know when to engage partners to help them bring their ideas to life and exceed their expectations.   Contact us now. Risk free

7.           You have a choice

If you have made it this far, then it’s clear that you want to experience what it means to be part of a successful project. And you have a choice. You can keep doing the things the old-fashioned way and get the same old-fashioned results or you can take action. Consider what working with the wrong partners would mean- delays, cost over-runs not to mention the frustration of knowing that it could have been different. Most people don’t get many chances in life to successfully realize their projects but we can help. You can get started with The Incite Method right now.   Contact us now. Risk free